For Couples

You may have come across studies reporting evidence of the benefits, both physical and emotional, of being in a partnership or marriage. Such studies essentially reveal that we are relational beings designed to be in connection with others. When we decide to make a genuine commitment to another human being, there's a lot at stake. It can be a risk, but one worth taking, because the rewards we experience from a healthy, supportive and loving partnership are significant and long-lasting. That's why I believe there is no more important or valuable work than that of improving your relationship.

My Approach

In working with couples, I utilize the highly effective Relational Life Therapy (RLT) model. Within this framework, I can offer tools and strategies that facilitate the return of honesty, passion and mutual respect to your relationship. My approach is not about taking sides, or figuring out who is at fault. It is about supporting each partner in exploring what you can change to make this relationship what you have always believed it could be.

Therapy gives you a place you can feel safe to talk and be heard by each other. In this neutral space, you can:

- Finally identify how to develop effective interdependence;
- Learn how to ask for what you need without blame or shame;
- Build the skills to stop the repetitive cycle of conflict with your partner;
- Learn new ways to communicate that will help you create a solid foundation on which to grow together;
- Re-gain the intimacy and connection you first experienced with each other.

I will support you in finding the path back to each other and experiencing what it's like to be on the same side, the side of your relationship.